Tamera’s Tips 4 Essential Home Decor Tips

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Tamera’s Tips: 4 Essential Home Décor Tips


I am so beyond happy with my living room! With the help of decorator and event designer Eden Rodriguez (she also helped me style my wedding), I created a light-filled room that gives me a feeling of peace every time I step foot into it. I would entertain guests here just as soon as I would curl up with a good book.  Home décor can be an exhausting, pricey process, but I learned some tips along the way that will make your job much easier (and maybe even fun…imagine that!):

Pick a color scheme (and stick with it!)

White is one of my favorite colors and I love how this room uses soft shades of it to provide the perfect backdrop for pops of color in key furniture pieces. But before I even thought about looking at furniture, I looked for inspiration. I cut out color schemes and rooms in magazines that I loved, and went on Pinterest (you can follow Tia and I here) and looked at other people’s home décor boards who seemed to have the same taste as me.  I got so many new ideas and it gave me a better grasp of the type of space I ultimately wanted in the end: a place that was airy, serene and bright.  It also helped me narrow down my color scheme – I couldn’t help but notice that everything I liked was in the pale white color family, with brown accents and light bursts of color.

Go vintage

There are a ton of vintage stores that sell beautiful furniture that add a unique, old-world touch to any room.  Tip: A lot of the vintage shops that only sell furniture can be super pricey, but lots of vintage clothing stores and miscellaneous shops will have a few pieces of furniture as well – these diamonds in the rough are often more well-priced. Another great source for finding unique, well-priced furniture? The flea market.  Go with exactly what you need in mind, and if you find something perfect that’s not the right color, buy it, sand it and paint it over!  Flea markets are the place to find the perfect unique piece to give your room that extra oomph.

Don’t overlook what’s in front of you

The side tables and side chairs (including the china-patterned blue chair) were actually my husband’s older pieces passed down from his grandparents from the 1920’s! Even though they were gorgeous furniture pieces, at first I didn’t think they would fit into the modern and chic vision I had in my head for my living room space.  But I saw potential in them and took action: I added new fabric to them and refurbished them by sanding them down and giving them a new color.  Not only was the result exactly what I wanted, but it saved me so much money!! Look for potential in pieces you already have and see if you can refurbish them to fit the vision you have for your room.

Consider your family

If you’ve got a family, it’s important to keep them in mind as you decorate.  Even though it’s super tempting to just let your imagination run wild and get that fun wallpaper you’ve always wanted, remember that there are other members of your household that will be spending time in the room as well.  In my case, I had to plan ahead for Aden and make sure that everything I bought could be easily baby-proofed – I stayed away from anything glass that he might break once he starts crawling, and tried to keep sharp corners to a minimum (Tia will be sharing how to baby-proof your room in a future post).  Also, I didn’t want to make it too feminine because I wanted Adam to feel like it reflected his personality as well.  So as a compromise, I stayed away from my other favorite color…pale pink 🙂

What would you dream living room look like? Do you have any decorating tips to share with me? Let me know in the comments!


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