Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Vacuum Cleaner

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Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Vacuum Cleaner Review

When you own a pet getting the right vacuum cleaner can be a little harder. Not all cleaners can deal with embedded pet hair along with the regular kind of debris and dirt you get in a home. It takes more power and needs to be stronger and more durable than many options out there. While there are now several options geared towards pet owners now on the market, this article takes a closer look at the PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Vacuum Cleaner from Bissell.

bissell poweredge pet hard floor vacuum cleaner review
The Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor vacuum cleaner is a stick vacuum that is not only innovative in style and effective, it is affordable too. To make it better at collecting larger debris and dirt it comes with a v-shaped nozzle which means it has a better performance than many regular cleaners. But the larger nozzle does not mean it leaves behind the smaller particles. With its swivel motion you can reach everywhere and get to the harder places like under the table.

bissell-poweredge-vacuumIt is a corded cleaner, but it comes with a 20 foot long cord which is one of the longest you can get on stick vacuums. You can still clean in all the places you want to and move from one room to another easily. The fact that it is lightweight and small means anyone can use it too, there is no struggling with a heavy weight or a bulky item that causes you to strain yourself or that bumps into you when you lift it. It is just 7 pounds in weight, something anyone can manage even if you have issues with other heavier cleaners. Being so light, and being able to swivel means it is highly maneuverable and you can take it from carpet to hard surfaces or vice versa.

Another reason that V shape is such a great design is that it helps to keep the suction power at its best and that means things like ground in dirt and of course ground in pet hair are not something left behind when you clean. Also the days of getting into corners and getting right up to the baseboards being too hard are over!

The Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Vacuum Cleaner comes with a 5 amp motor which may sound small compared to larger cleaners, but in fact for a lightweight stick like this vacuum, 5 amps is a lot of power. While it is great at cleaning though there are some things some people may be unsure about. Firstly it does not come with a HEPA filter system so if you have someone with allergies in the home this may not be the best choice. HEPA is the best filter for protecting people from pollen and other tiny particles as it stops them from re-entering the air once they are sucked up. But this cleaner does have cyclonic action and a good filter to try and keep the dirt and such where it should be.

Another plus about this cleaner is that it is bagless, and the canister is clear so you can see when it needs emptying. It is also easy to empty when it is full without getting yourself full of dust and dirt. Also storing is so easy, it stands up on its own so doesn’t have to propped up and it fits in nicely. And that long cord does not thankfully have to be rewound manually, there is a button you press and you can get on with more interesting things!

For its price and its effectiveness at collecting pet hair this is really a good choice for pet owners, or non pet owners. With the Bissell PowerEdge you can feel better about your house when guests come over and better about the money you have left in the bank!

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  1. Gerry

    I have a dog and if you are like me and have a pet, you should get this vacuum cleaner, like right now! 🙂 Love it as I don’t have to worry about pet hair all over the place anymore.

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